When city status fails . . .

Well, Kindersley applied for city status in Saskatchewan.  The bottom line seems to be a head count of 5,000 people.  An early census had pegged us at less than the minimum numbers.  Alternative attempts at counting Kindersley residents would place us over the top.

The ministry of the government of Saskatchewan has informed the Town of Kindersley that they won’t be a city – at least not in the near future.  Appeals will certainly be made – perhaps to sympathetic ears.

What about being proactive? 

Open up an expanded birthing wing in the hospital.  Encourage all couples to have more children.  One person had suggested just having more children around would add up!

Of course, senior couples might find this a little tough.  Maybe they could have their grandchildren visit on an extended basis.  The more the merrier!

Parents with teenage and 20/30-somethings can encourage their children to live in Kindersley and help create a baby boom. 

With a booming population, we can become the town, . . . oops, the city of the future!

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