Goods and delivery

I suppose back in the old days people had horses that carried goods to retail outlets and prospective clients.  After they were done for the day, the horses would be placed in the livery – the place where they lived. 

I imagine as they trotted out the next morning, they had to head out from “de-livery” to do their job.

And so, off they went on their merry way, thankful to be doing their delivery of the day.

But what did they have in their care?  What were they to deliver?  The “goods” from the wholesaler or the retailer, the farm or the royal bakery. 

What would have happened if the produce had been bad?  Would a person have become sick from the “bads” that were delivered?  Not a pleasant thought for one’s bodily organs.

All that to say, if you see a horse, headed down the road just a carryin’ a load – perhaps they are attempting to do bring de “goods” for “de-liver-y”.

And next blog I’ll have to ask my wife to edit for humour – or lack thereof!!

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