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The fun of preaching

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

I just finished five weeks of preaching in a town just south of us.  The church uses a “Liturgical Year” with readings for each Sunday outlined in advance.

There is something good about not pulling out your old sermons!  Each week was a new study time, a new application, and a new crowd.

Now, speaking to people you don’t know is always fun.  You watch very closely their body language, try a few new approaches (which really are just your usual way of doing things), and see what happens.

As in any communication setting, the idea is to communicate.  Not just to speak, or to expound or even to lay out three points.  You need to actually be able to chat at the back and see whether people heard what you said.

People heard my illustrations.  Seems that is the place where truth takes on clothing.  And I think they got the idea behind the story.  Some commented that they liked my short, pithy points – OK, they actually talked about being able to remember what I said because I used easy to understand words.

The group would like me back again.  If nothing else, they liked dancing in church, and singing new songs, and wondering what the preacher was going to do next!  But that’s for another blog 🙂

Thankfulness journal

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

I challenged fellow journeyers at at Eatonia United church to write a week’s worth of thanksgiving.  The kids came back with cats and dogs, and momma and sisters.  The adults were a bit more inventive as they touched on God, provision and other topics.

Here are my thoughts for the week – I am thankful for . . .

  • Jesus who makes church possible.
  • church friends in Kindersley and Eatonia.
  • words that describe life and that bring life to me.
  • friends who will eat my soup and sandwiches.
  • someone who could rhyme the word “Cynthia” in a poem.
  • homegrown rhubarb that I could make into a rhubarb crisp.
  • snow ????
  • a new family – I now have six kids.
  • For my first wife, Jill, who bequethed her body to the University so medical students could learn anatomy.
  • From my second wife whose family loves puzzles, puns (not so much) and gramma buns . . . and me.

Hot dogs and dining definitions

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

When you say you are going to have a hot dog – what do you think of?

A pale thin tube of mushy meat, colored some shade of brown?

I guess I’ve always had a broad stroke definition when I think of hot dogs.  Anything in a cylindrical shape that can go between the two lips of a hot dog bun – that’s my definition.  That would include smokies, sausages, wieners, and much more. 

Too broad a definition?

At least, if I want to point out what we are having for supper.  To include such a broad definition means that all one’s expectation for that pale tube can be quickly dashed when a wholesome delicacy is placed on the table.  Especially if you serve a smokie instead of a wiener.

Have I been serving cultured meat under the misleading label of hot dog?  Am I perhaps dashing the hopes of others by bringing forth a chicken hot dog, when whole beef would be appreciated?

For my offenses, I apologize!

The poem of the day

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

I challenged some people to try and rhyme the name of my wife, “Cynthia”.  One taker has come forward – Vi Warman.   Her entry is amazing!

I have a big conundrum

That’s working on my mind.

Maybe you can help me

This puzzling thing to find


There’s something I am wondering

Since my cousin married your aunt,

Does that make me your cousin?

Or maybe your Great Aunt.


But since it doesn’t matter,

We are  the best of friends

We’ll be friends forever,

Until our journey ends.


Ron gave me quite a challenge,

But there’s something I am sure

He beats me well in knowledge

But I’ve passed his age and more.


It’s been really nice to know you,

Both Ron and Cynthia

Now, “sinth we know ya betta,

I’d liketa comein thee ya.”


I hope I’ve won the challenge

Do you have more to say?

If you agree the I have won,

It’s your turn now to pay.


A loving hub from each of you

Would be so very kind.

No better friends than both of you

In this old world I’d find.


Thank you very much


Why the Gospels dispelled my myth of Love

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

I was told to read the Gospels of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Christian Scriptures).  I would see Jesus as a tolerant, all inclusive, accepting one. 

I liked the epistles that Paul and Peter and James and John wrote.  They were straightforward advice.  No mush and gush.

I decided to read the Gospels again and get an insight on Jesus’ inclusiveness and acceptance.  The Gospels disappointed me.

Jesus was not nice.  Or accepting of all sorts of things.  He was messy and opinionated.  And winsome and attractive.  He started with crowds.  He called down destruction on his religion’s home town.  He disliked the religious leaders.  His famous sermon on the mount basically says none of us can be perfect like God, but he tells us we should be.  His last week of life he alienated all sorts of people.  Only some women and a few men were willing to stick with him at his crucifixion. 

A much more tolerant, loving Jesus would be easier to handle.