Why the Gospels dispelled my myth of Love

I was told to read the Gospels of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Christian Scriptures).  I would see Jesus as a tolerant, all inclusive, accepting one. 

I liked the epistles that Paul and Peter and James and John wrote.  They were straightforward advice.  No mush and gush.

I decided to read the Gospels again and get an insight on Jesus’ inclusiveness and acceptance.  The Gospels disappointed me.

Jesus was not nice.  Or accepting of all sorts of things.  He was messy and opinionated.  And winsome and attractive.  He started with crowds.  He called down destruction on his religion’s home town.  He disliked the religious leaders.  His famous sermon on the mount basically says none of us can be perfect like God, but he tells us we should be.  His last week of life he alienated all sorts of people.  Only some women and a few men were willing to stick with him at his crucifixion. 

A much more tolerant, loving Jesus would be easier to handle.

2 thoughts on “Why the Gospels dispelled my myth of Love

  1. Very true! If we see Jesus criticising people, it tended to be those who were not kind to others. When it came to compassion for those who were in need, Jesus was all there!!

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