The poem of the day

I challenged some people to try and rhyme the name of my wife, “Cynthia”.  One taker has come forward – Vi Warman.   Her entry is amazing!

I have a big conundrum

That’s working on my mind.

Maybe you can help me

This puzzling thing to find


There’s something I am wondering

Since my cousin married your aunt,

Does that make me your cousin?

Or maybe your Great Aunt.


But since it doesn’t matter,

We are  the best of friends

We’ll be friends forever,

Until our journey ends.


Ron gave me quite a challenge,

But there’s something I am sure

He beats me well in knowledge

But I’ve passed his age and more.


It’s been really nice to know you,

Both Ron and Cynthia

Now, “sinth we know ya betta,

I’d liketa comein thee ya.”


I hope I’ve won the challenge

Do you have more to say?

If you agree the I have won,

It’s your turn now to pay.


A loving hub from each of you

Would be so very kind.

No better friends than both of you

In this old world I’d find.


Thank you very much


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