Hot dogs and dining definitions

When you say you are going to have a hot dog – what do you think of?

A pale thin tube of mushy meat, colored some shade of brown?

I guess I’ve always had a broad stroke definition when I think of hot dogs.  Anything in a cylindrical shape that can go between the two lips of a hot dog bun – that’s my definition.  That would include smokies, sausages, wieners, and much more. 

Too broad a definition?

At least, if I want to point out what we are having for supper.  To include such a broad definition means that all one’s expectation for that pale tube can be quickly dashed when a wholesome delicacy is placed on the table.  Especially if you serve a smokie instead of a wiener.

Have I been serving cultured meat under the misleading label of hot dog?  Am I perhaps dashing the hopes of others by bringing forth a chicken hot dog, when whole beef would be appreciated?

For my offenses, I apologize!

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