Thankfulness journal

I challenged fellow journeyers at at Eatonia United church to write a week’s worth of thanksgiving.  The kids came back with cats and dogs, and momma and sisters.  The adults were a bit more inventive as they touched on God, provision and other topics.

Here are my thoughts for the week – I am thankful for . . .

  • Jesus who makes church possible.
  • church friends in Kindersley and Eatonia.
  • words that describe life and that bring life to me.
  • friends who will eat my soup and sandwiches.
  • someone who could rhyme the word “Cynthia” in a poem.
  • homegrown rhubarb that I could make into a rhubarb crisp.
  • snow ????
  • a new family – I now have six kids.
  • For my first wife, Jill, who bequethed her body to the University so medical students could learn anatomy.
  • From my second wife whose family loves puzzles, puns (not so much) and gramma buns . . . and me.

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