Child proof lids

We have switched pharmacies.

Not out of disgust or poor service.  The opposite is true.  We loved our pharmacist and their service was always helpful.

The local grocery store is closing.  The pharmacy was contained in the grocery store.  The pharmacy has closed already.

Our files were transferred to another pharmacy.  My first visit there was quite cordial and their service was exceptional.

Except for mandated restrictions by the government.

Child proof lids are required on medications.  Understandable – but the lids are also arthritis proof and require amazing amounts of pressure.  I could barely get the lid off.  Others in the family would have needed to take a hammer to the bottle in order to extract medications.

A little tip!

Ask the pharmacist for non-childproof lids.  Your signature will be required.  You are giving away your life.  Of course, if you can’t get to your medications (or at least can’t get the lid off), you may be giving away your life anyway!!

One thought on “Child proof lids

  1. Glad for the hint to ask for non-childproof lids. It is definitely a nuisance try to open a bottle , or having to put on your glasses to do it . I also have a bottle of sauerkraut I can’t get the lid off no matter what. By the way, did you know sauerkraut (or any fermented food ( is very good for your digestion ?

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