When death brings life

I have been occupied with obituaries this week.

My uncle Bruce Baker passed away on November 15, 2016.  Another more distant relative, who attended a Baker reunion this summer (Henry Heald), passed away on November 17, 2016.  94 years and 88 years respectively.

Neither of these men were relatives whom I saw on a daily or even annual basis (actually, I met Henry only once).  But relatives nonetheless.

Relativity signifies a bond that is of blood or kinship.  That bond does not need proximity of location, or enjoyment of a pasttime, or even just liking someone.  You just are.

To be or not to be!  That is not the question.  You are.

I read my relatives accomplishments and smile.  One was a well known character in Whitehorse.  The other was a writer/journalist in the Ottawa area.  One loved mining, the other was an agriculturalist.  One was from the West, the other from the East.  Both could spin a tale.

Their stories were indicative of life livers.  There was no slowness of heart in their endevours. 

Not unlike how I would like to be known.

Obituaries can be life giving.

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