Have you ever missed?

A play on words.  Or at least playing with words:

The term miscommunication tends to mean words flying at each other and missing their mark.  We miscommunicate when we have different vocabularies.  My mother used to dislike the use of lunch and dinner.  In Eastern Canada, from which she hailed, dinner was supper.  For us Westerners supper was supper.  Try inviting friends over for dinner some day and see if they show up at noon or 6:00 pm.

A part of miscommunication is also missed communication.  When we intentionally or unintentionally don’t say something we miscommunicate.  As a pastor I would hear of someone having been in the hospital – via the grapevine – after the fact.  An opportunity for ministry was missed because communication was missed. 

And now, we can add mist communication.  That is the grapevine working at overdrive because privacy laws create a roadblock to understanding.  The mist of random raindrops of information overshadows communicating the truth.

And so, speak the truth in love, speak the truth constantly, speak the truth in season and out of season.  Take a risk.  Speak.

We will all benefit from the effort!

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