Present day proverbs

I wander through Facebook every day.  I even comment off and on.

The evolution of Facebook has been interesting.  Originally the idea was to connect.  To see what others were doing, thinking and even visioning for the future.

My latest wanderings show that FB is all about a picture, a video or a short thought – or all three combined.  We don’t tend to look at a detailed written post.  We seem to need a picture.  Or less than 100 characters. 

Short, sweet and simple.  That works along with visual, vibrant and viewable.

So, what is the good side.

I’m finding that Facebook is the new Proverbs.  The memes are short.  The thoughts are based in the context of culture.  And sometimes there is even truth to what is said.

Read on . . . and consider that you may be reading the book of life! OR NOT!

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