The nightmare of reading the Bible

I was sitting in a Sunday class studying the Bible.

In my usual fashion, I opened my mouth and something fell out . . .

“One of my greatest nightmares is reading the Bible.”

I’ve thought a lot about that in the last few days.  Funny how we can sometimes even teach ourselves.

I find the Bible convicts me.  As God opens the pages to me, I see how little I really am concerned for others – their needs, feelings, and even wants. I find that lists and narratives tell me when I am doing wrong.  That has a nightmare quality to me.

I find the Bible condemns society.  I see how others have taken a light approach to God and how they have been disappointed when God takes a light approach to them.  Anger is a part of God’s nature.

I find the Bible sets some of my presuppositions on edge.  I thought I had life and people and God all figured out.  Until I read the Bible.  And when I read it again, I had to rethink things.  Sometimes I think I should stop reading – having to change my opinions is a real nightmare!

And so, I read my Bible every day.  Somehow when I walk through to the other side of the nightmare, a new day is dawning.

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