Engage and enrage the culture

In my post secondary days of education I took culture courses.  These included things like ethics, morals, isolationism and assimilation.

I chose for my own life to be a part of the culture around me.

That has been a task that has not been easy.  My own conscience has more than once been assaulted by the possible compromises I was asked to own.  Sometimes a realignment of my own convictions meant my own small sense of truth was invaded by a greater truth.  And every once in a while I just had to stand up and buck the winds of change.

I prefer to engage our culture with hope.  I am willing to enrage the culture.

But most of all, I want to stand the  breezes of culture always with Jesus in view.  Wipe away fog, shield myself from the pelting of dust, even wear glasses to protect my eyes.  However I can see Jesus, that’s what’s important.

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