90 years old and still ageless

These past two weeks I have had three female relatives who turned 90.

Hard to believe they know what outhouses are and can tell you when electricity finally reached them.  Their hair is gray, their eyes still sparkle, and you have to watch what you say – their hearing aids (or lack thereof) make them quite attuned to life around them.

This afternoon is a cake and ice cream time for one of the relatives.  We’ll swap stories and laugh.  We’ll drink tea and cry.  We’ll say good bye at the end, and never know when the end will be.  Much sooner than they thought when they were 9 instead of 90.

I love these times.  Their lives have been lived in ways that I can emulate – and so I watch them closely and find out what to imitate.

And that is the mark of a well lived life – when you stare through your eyes you find others whose eyes have been awakened by what you have seen.

May you have a day of seeing as you look to those around you.

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