Leadership and management studies are a hobby of mine.  In my retirement a thought will often strikes me in a new way – sometimes with clarity that has taken 60 years to mix and mingle!

The church has often been called the army of God.  For that reason, many have balked at the idea that church meetings are just social clubs.  “The mission is primary.”  We have a great commission which guides our working together, and quells uprisings that could be seen as antisocial or unloving.

For some, the principle of a kingdom has become increasingly prominent in the church.  This is a group of people who join around affinity to a king.  Rebels may arise, and they are invited to leave the kingdom or suffer consequences.  One might call this a social club.

You can walk into a church and sense the overall atmosphere.  Driven churches are program oriented – empathetic churches are people driven.

A well rounded church needs both sides.  The currency of Jesus’ kingdom is balanced – sometimes the coin toss shows one side or the other.  But if we forget that there are two sides, we will set aside our mission or fail to love others.  Neither is acceptable.