I remember one summer going on a road trip with my parents (this is confession time!).  There were six of us kids in a 1960’s Valiant station wagon.  We liked each other enough to get into the face of our siblings – more often than mom and dad liked!  So a quiet time was designated in the afternoon – to be sure we all got enough sleep.  Throughout the rest of the day, we all rotated times to sit with mom and dad in the front seat.

That meant your times with the parents were restricted.  Unless . . .

I merely started sleeping during the day – I’m sure I made sure everyone knew I was sleeping.  Then when afternoon sleep time came, I was invited into the front seat while everyone else slept.

Know the rules.  Understand the reason for the rules.  Then make up a new arrangement.  One that fulfils your wishes and the wishes of the rule makers.

Creative?  Perhaps.  Clever?  Perhaps.  Tricky?  Perhaps.  Unruly?  Never!

I’m fairly sure Donald Trump’s childhood would reveal a similar story – an incident where he learned to live within the rules while bending the rules to his desires.

I’ve watched Trump play this out.  Know the rules, understand the sentiments of the rule makers, explore the extremes with your advisors, choose your own path.

Don’t get too self-righteous.  I have a funny feeling your childhood might reveal something of the same thing!