A friend of mine is on temporary life support.  He collapsed while playing hockey and sustained some injuries.  The official statement of the finality of his life is expected soon.

Eric Greenway was a friend, colleague, mentor and fellow churchman.  His children were the ages of my children.  His love for writing was an inspiration to me as I took up writing.  His quiet spirit was a cloak of righteousness for the right and the just and the true.  He loved and was loved by others.

The excruciating decision to release a life is truly difficult.  Twice I have been placed in such a situation, and there is nothing easy or comfortable about the decision.  For all the reasonableness and quick calculation that must take place, the finality is final.  Blessings on his family at this time.

Each day is a gift.  Use your gifts to love God and love others with a fierceness that cannot be tamed! 

Thanks for your life, Eric!