Moral Relativism is Dead

The article I was reading said moral relativism is dead.

The extreme of moral relativism is the statement – “Do your own thing.”  There is no guilt attached to whatever you do, whether helping the old lady across the street or killing your next door neighbour for being obnoxious.  You are your own god and make your own rules.

Doesn’t work too well!  I’m not so sure you can do whatever you want and claim what you did is right!  Otherwise we will all live in fear!

So then groups of people decided that the “tribe” could determine what was right.  And terrorism soon reigns.

And that leaves us with having to live by faith that there is a god who has a set of societal rules that we can all live by.  That god must be good, just, loving.  That god must have an overall sense of creation (better yet if that god created us creatures).  That god must have the best in mind for us as humans!

I believe our society is looking for that god.  As the USA states – in God we trust.  As Canada states – God keep our land. 

There seem to be many answers put forward – and thus we have moral pluralism.

The question is, which god is the God over all gods?

And now you know why Christians make the claim that God, as revealed in Jesus, is God over all gods – not because they are arrogant but because they believe that there must be an Almighty God.

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