We all have a place we live.  Homelessness is not without a dwelling place.

We may not call it home.  We may not call it comfortable.  We may not even call it good.

Our real response to homelessness is based in a desire for human dignity.  Dignity is about sensing a greatness within each person that cannot be denied.  We degrade dignity when we shame others – expecting them to live within our standards.  A person degrades their own dignity when their own standard is not reached.

Let’s throw into this mix a far greater standard.  Let’s consider that there is a God who fixes a standard for humans.  To be like God would be the greatest goal – for surely a created being fashioned after God would be at their best, their most glorious, when they are most like God.

With that in mind – a person can be homeless and live with dignity.  A society can be oppressed and live with dignity. 

When we seek to live up to the glory that is God’s. 

Just a thought for the day!