Chatting with my brother today. 

At one point I was talking about my passion in life.  He mentioned that the word “passion” is so passe.

So I said maybe we could coin a new word!  Strong emotions come from the gut so I said we could be “gutrified”.  Didn’t work for him.

Being the teacher of biblical Greek that he is, he mentioned the word “splanchna”.  Since he lived in Germany for a number of years he added a bit of a German twist – which meant I didn’t understand him at all.  Mixing languages makes for strange syllabic bedfellows.

Having straightened that out, we went onwards. 

If we are looking for that intense desire, that deep passion, then a combination of “strength” and “splanchna” was in order.

So, the new word for the day is SPLANGTH. 

I have a splangth for writing.  I have a splangth for ice cream.

And so this warm day finishes with splangth!!