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How did we get here?

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

I’m a baby boomer.  We were the generation who were going to be free from all the constraints of life.  We would have free sex, free love, free from authority.  Life was to be a party!  Woodstock be praised.

We are now into our retirement years, or coming close. 

I’m not so excited about where we ended up.  Our culture has a desirous supreme leader who understands entertainment only too well.  And the church???

Our worship services are about entertainment – and too often about ourselves.  Our children are non-attenders of spiritual gatherings. 

The idea was to entertain to attract.  The idea was excellence in the entertainment to rival the culture’s best.  The idea was that felt needs would attract people. 

And I feel like we won a community and lost a vision.  Perhaps we are perishing – from entertainment, felt needs, and selfishness.

Where is God?