Witness to a conversation

The Party Line is not dead.

Not the political party line – which many be finding itself on hard times.  What with extremist leaders and moderate followers.

No, the party line I’m talking about is the old fashioned phone line, where conversation could be had with a multitude of people at one time.  Before three way calling or teleconferencing. 

Yesterday I sat at a party.  We had a circle of around 10 people, with four leading the way in conversation.  They were all within about 5 years of each other, had been school, church and family chums.  Their stories were hilarious, scattered with inside jokes.

They were fun, without cell phones to interrupt.  Us on the periphery found out lots about those on the inner circle.  Things that helped us see what companionship and community is all about.  Institutions do well to heed the micro functioning of those who guard our heritage. 

Enjoy those times where you are not the center of conversation, nor are you attempting to propel the conversation.  You will find a global wealth of life that so easily escapes us.

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