Is there ever a time when we do not censor?

As a Master’s of Library Science grad, I remember the discussions on censorship.  All intellectual property should be available to all.  We harm people by not exposing them to the full orb of knowledge.  Knowledge is power.

The decades following brought variant views (not all of them worth listening to).  Here are some of the many thought lines you can follow.

Knowledge is not power, transformation is (thus we seek our inner self to gain an understanding that leads to who we truly are). 

A collections policy for a library is censorship (you can’t have it all, so choose the information that will socialize them to the current culture you want to see promoted).

Even the publishing of books is subject to censorship.  A publishing company designs what will be there theme.  The Canadian Government will no longer do Cataloguing in Publication for self published authors (oops, that should be authours).

Why do we fight censorship?  Most often because our point of view is assailed, assaulted or set aside by censors.  Oppression appears everywhere and we are not willing to be set aside or dismissed.

And the war goes on – all of us looking to promote our truths.

Who says truth is dead?  Censorship proves that the pursuit of truth is alive and well.