Today was the seniors complex – off for a devotional at 9:30 in the morning.

Not everyone was wide awake until I used a little reverse word definition on them.  You know, the type where you say one thing, and we all go into a tizzy!  And then we redirect our understanding and we all agree!

I started off talking about working on a committee regarding addictions.  Why does the addict stay addicted?  How do they get unaddicted?  Some answer were fairly quickly forthcoming.

Then I told them that in 1755 (according to a few internet sources), “devotion” was related to addiction.  I asked why they come to meet together on a Wednesday morning for devotions?  What were they addicted to?

The Sunday School answer was right! 


And then I asked what would get them unaddicted to Jesus.  On a scale of one to ten, where did they stand in their addiction to Jesus. 

We don’t need a safe injection site to get us off of Jesus.  We don’t need an AA program. 

If anything, we need a full bore ahead opportunity to mine all that Jesus is and has for us.