Yesterday was drop in day – at our local Peavey Mart store.

Things have changed.  The aisles are clear and non-claustrophobic.   Items are easily seen.  The atmosphere is exciting.

A new manager is in place.  Things are changing.

I have two types of store adventures I enjoy.  Peavey Mart has been able to provide both.

The CMS store style.  In my younger days, with preschool kids, I liked to visit CMS in Regina, Saskatchewan.  At that time, the store was crowded.  Things were just thrown in bins with “approximate” costs attached – or you suggested a price at the till. 

I call this the scrounger store – you come to see what you can find.

Then there is the upscale store.  The store is “designed”.  Colors are soothing, the merchandise is accessible and the staff are helpful.  The floors are waxed and the shelves are dusted.

I call this the open concept store – you come to see what they have.

Which store do you find attracts you?