Last night I was with some of my favourite seniors (senior-seniors, as in 80 – 100 years old).  They always surprise me with new thoughts, that are really old thoughts.

When I grew a beard, they wanted to start a fundraiser to buy me razors.  As I delved into there aversion to my beard, I found that they were the young people in World War II.  You were clean shaven as a male – gas masks fit best on an unbearded skin.  These clean shaven men were the choice husbands that many of the women sought.  Good looking was clean shaven.

Last night this was the saying that came out – supposedly given to one of my 90 year olds by her grandmother (making the saying probably a century and a half old):

A whistling woman and a cackling hen

Is neither good to beast nor men

Help me with this one.  Where does this come from? 

And yes, some of the other 90 year olds thought this was sexist!!