From a conversation with a totally animated man – who has just heard a sermon by a well known Canadian TV preacher.

“I didn’t know this.  The preacher said that the Bible was written in Latin.  And Martin Luther King translated it into English.”

Now, I realize that learning something new changes us.  Our perspectives are challenged.  With the rocking of our boat, we can then learn to walk on water or we can just wait to see what happens.

In this case, I am thinking a waiting attitude would be a good idea, as compared to acting on the waves of what you have heard.

I’m sure the sermon was on the Reformation.

Yes, the Bible was most commonly found in Latin during the Reformation (in the 1500’s).  Originally the Bible was written in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic – not Latin.

Martin Luther (in the 1500’s) was the one who took the Bible and translated it into the vernacular – in his case this was German.  More often we hear the names Tyndale and Wycliffe when we think of the English Bible.  Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist in the 1900’s.

I was excited with my friend that he was having to push the “rethink” button.  Not so excited that we sometimes hear something that is not spoken!