I’m one who chooses real estate based on price, location and feel.  Sometimes the wrong style of floor plan or the paint on the walls will lead to a negative vibe (now I sound like I’m from the 60’s).

My brother used to have just one approach – location, location, location.

So, I’m reading about Solomon’s temple – built on Mount Moriah where David met the Lord.

Sounds innocent enough – until you get the rest of the story.

David had caused a census to be taken.  God didn’t like the idea (showed that David didn’t trust God).  God exacts a punishment on Israel – the worst of which was the death of some of the citizenry.  God sends an angel (messenger) to fulfil the punishment. 

The operation is done swiftly – the messenger approaches Jerusalem (the capital) – God stops the killing / David repents of his sin.  He offers a sacrifice to God at the threshing floor of Arunnah (where God stops the killing) – which he buys from the owner.

And this is where the story gets interesting.  This is the piece of real estate on which the temple is built.  Not for the scenery.  Not for the proximity to the halls of power.  Not for entertainment value.  Not even for the closeness to resources.

This is the place of repentance.  The place where wrong was to be punished.  The place of deep sorrow.  And great joy.  All wrapped in one.

Location, location, location.