Saturday I will officiate a funeral for Ernal.

Some of you will be unable to pronounce that name properly.  Start with the word “eternal”.  Now just “ernal”.  And you’ve got it!

Maybe eternal was nit a far stretch for Ernal.  He was 99 years old. 

My Grandfather used to proclaim that he would live to be 100 or die in the attempt.

Ernal died in the attempt.  And as you often hear of those of advanced years – “none too soon.”

There is, at 99 years of age, a true sense of a better place.  Better eyesight, better health, better acuity of mind, better natural light (all flowing from God).  Just better!

So, I’d better get moving – on my sermon, on arrangements, and most importantly, on enjoying God here and now with a great future expectation!