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Reflecting on Society

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Proverbs 14:9 says:  Fools make fun of guilt.  The godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation.

I’m not sure how our society looks at guilt.  I sense we are interested in coping with guilt more than addressing guilt. 

One approach is to completely do away with guilt.  There is no wrong if there is no standard for wrong.  By redefining morality as the erasure of all wrong, we are most likely to end up seeking “my happiness” as our goal.  If happiness is the final and ultimate goal, then the only “guilt” is whatever stands in the way of that happiness.  We are victims of those obstacles – not sinners!

My own approach is to admit that there is a “God”, and that that God has a definite standard of deviation from what is right.  My “happiness” is defined by God’s desires for me, not by my own desires.  If God’s desires are the ultimate goal, then guilt is based in God’s standard.  We are sinners when we stray – not victims.

In the first case, the victim laughs at guilt – dismissing it as a cruel joke of a misguided deity.  In the second case, the sinner recognizes guilt and seeks a way to approach the rule-giver for reconciliation.

On puns and puzzles

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

A great thread of comments on a picture of a puzzle rife with shells and ocean beauty.

This is lovely, it makes we want to clam up!

I guess that would keep you from shelling out your resources! (my wife was just waiting for your comment – I think she likes to see what we will flood the ocean of vocabulary with)

Every puzzle holds the pearl of a pun…

. . . I think that you have won (note the rhyme in time).

I have a knack for this, it’s how I have… fun!

Thou are a wordsmith and a punster’s . . . son

With a good pun, oi’ stir it up …hon!

And with that, I have to . . . run

Hmmm….I wonder if they sell pun-free puzzles???
What would they be called???

That’s a puzzling question.

Pun free puzzles? I don’t understand the question. Up is this jig, saw past the pieces to the whole picture.

LOL. Just couldn’t resist asking

Pondering punless puzzles can be a perfectly, perplexing yet precisely, pleasing priority.  Go alliterations!!!