We have a new pastor at the Kindersley Alliance Church.  Peter Ralph, Jr. was installed this morning – he’s now plugged into our congregation and ready to go.

My friend’s son is now my pastor.  The kid from Sunday School and Children’s choir is now our senior pastor!  I can see why we have gone to the moniker – Lead Pastor.

In the past two weeks, two of my friends from my teen years died.  Cancer takes lives – and I’m coming to say that 60 something is young!

I recalled a 1968 event with ease, and the idea that I was around when the Cuban crisis occurred dates me.

A numbing left arm brings to mind immediately a possibility of stroke, instead of the realization that I’ve been working on renovations steadily for the last few months.

My eyes feast on the beauty of my wife, but my willing body would like to respond much more quickly to the stimuli.  I drive with cruise control, not so much to curb my heavy foot but to give my foot a rest.

And so, on September 21, 2018, I limp over another milestone.  I’ll be 65 – still feeling 18 but visiting in my mind the future of being 100. 

I’m glad that my ticket for the future is not yet bought even though I’ve been reading the brochures!