I’m reading . . . short articles in the midst of home renovations.

Here are two quotes you may find interesting – along with the link to the article.

If humans are going to find God, it will not be where he has chosen to hide but where he has chosen to reveal himself. It is not in quantum uncertainty or statistical analysis that God is discovered. We will not find him in a gap but on a cross.

(Shayne Looper)  www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2018/october-web-only/atheism-where-is-god-physics-revealed-in-christ.html

More people are going to come to Christ today because they know they are broken in need of a healer, than because they know they are sinner in need of a Savior.

Page 45 (Rob Reimer) of Connections online magazine – issuu.com/cmacanada/docs/alliance-connection-fall-2018-pages