Who cares about character?

Try some of these thoughts on for the living!  

  • I really believe that our society is headed for mayhem, destruction and worse.  “Values based” curriculum is short sighted.  What we need are revealed values – absolute values!  Unfortunately many have “absolutophobia” – the inability to admit that there is an absolute right and wrong!


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  1. I feel as though I know the difference between right and wrong. This was not always the case. When I was young, my parents were “old fashioned” immigrants. I wanted to be a “with it” Canadian. The search for hedonistic pleasure, the undeniable “pursuit of happiness” and constantly looking for love were never ending; until of course, I stopped looking and let myself be found by Jesus Christ.

    The world around us is for the most part uninvolved and non caring. The youth only seem to care about themselves and don’t think about the wrongs they do. Now I am the “old fashioned, immigrant’s daughter”.

    As for my morals and values, my third son hit the nail right on the head when he said, “Everyone I know breaks the law” (steals, abuses alcohol, or drugs, has immoral sex, drives erratically, etc–just to name a few things). Then he added, “Well, except you. You’re the only one I know that doesn’t.” Can it really be, that I am the ONLY one that doesn’t break the law? He may not listen when I try to tell him about God, but boy he’s sure reading me. I am far from perfect and some of my opinions, which are really just unpopular views, based on the Bible, and make me seem small minded, are being noticed. It’s an uphill battle, but I know Who the Ultimate Victor is. THANK GOD.

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