A Mouse in the House

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

At least that’s how I see it.

I came home from a meeting to find my wife madly phoning for help.  From the corner of her eye she had seen a mouse scurry across the floor.  She was in bare feet so up on a chair she went.

The mouse was there when I entered, hidden in our piano.  And later under the dishwasher.  And now??

We set a trap, but this morning there was no dead carcass.  Last night I skirted around the trap.  I thought to myself – “this is ridiculous”.  Arising in my mind were all those fear emotions of hanta virus, rabies, punctured skin and who knows what else.  Three inches long (8 centimeters) at first sighting and now the monster has grown to well over 3 meters (10 feet) in length.

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

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  1. When Allan and I moved to Marmora, we also had

    a little visitor one day. I nearly jumped out

    of my skin, and our cat Ollie, started chasing

    this little mouse. It escaped into the bathroom

    and even after much noseying around, our Ollie

    was mystified at it’s disappearance.

    The next day after my shower, I went to pull

    the curtain across and lo and behold, the little

    escapee was sitting on the shower curtain bar above the curtain. Right in the middle looking

    down at me absolutely scared to death. The poor

    thing had probably been up there too scared to

    come down!!!

    Allan, who couldn’t bear to step on a spider

    even, picked up the wastebasket and scooped it in, ran to the back door and dumped it out. Needless to say, away the mouse ran for his life

    thankful for a kind human being!!!

    (Everyone has a mouse story!

    Keep up the good work, Ron, I read every bit!!

    MOM C.

  2. Sorry, no mouse stories, but I do have a mole story. (must be a mouse relation) When Phil and I moved to Sheffield Lake Ohio I met my first mole. It was a terribly stormy day, snow seemed like several feet deep. Here I was shovelling, trying to help Phil out by at least clearing a litle path for him. I saw this little black thing in the white snow, seemed I fatally injured him while shovelling. Needless to say, I met Phil at the door all upset that I had “killed” this poor creature. He reassured me that the poor little guy didn’t have a chance in the treacherous weather. Just like a “Cooper” to find a silver lining. I just felt awful.

    Well, glad that I don’t see mice around here. I have a frog story for ya too!!!

    I’m going to enjoy this site!!



  3. Isn’t it a marvel that the chair was so close to the phone.

    I also have a mouse story – Just after we moved into our current home, Garry and I had gone out for the evening. Garry’s mother had stayed with our kids. She saw a mouse and knew that I would not be very happy to see it. (I likely would have gotten much higher than a chair.) When we got home, she had a baseball bat in hand and had it corner. There she sat, waiting for Garry to deal with it.

    Looking back it is much funnier than it was – I was ready to move out of our new home.

    MaryAnne C.

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