Going my way?

     Only in Saskatchewan, you say!!

Where else could you imagine moving a 1,200 square foot home down the main drag! 

Imagine heading down Yonge Street in Toronto, or down Robson street in Vancouver.  Not going to happen!!

The power company sends out workers to lift lines – even disconnect and reconnect lines. 

Traffic cannot pass on the two lane highway.  The “oversize load” sign is a bit underwhelming – if you didn’t notice the house, you’d never see the sign!

And as the house leaves town I say to myself, “We know there has been an exodus of people from Saskatchewan.  Now they’re even taking their houses with them!”


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  1. Hey, believe it or not, I saw this house all loaded up and ready to move on Wednesday afternoon the 24th as I passed through your twon on my way home from vacation. I thought about you as I drove through but had no fast and easy way to contact you at that point. Next time I’ll stop and take you up on the coffee. We usually stop in Kindersley if we are coming or going to Calgary.

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