When networks reach the world

Yesterday I met with a few but visited hundreds.

The first contact was a home town boy.  He was in town on a courtesy call – part of his job.  On the way to Luseland, just an hour up the road.  We began to talk of connections he had in Kindersley.  The high school class that had reunions and cruise ship trips.  The church friends from years ago.  Gone in 1966 he has never really left.

The second contact brought a story of a relationship from our recent past.  A network of people rearranged by infidelity.  He came to talk because of my intersection over the past few years with some of these people.  He was new to the network – placed there in part because of his job.

The third contact was a family.  About to leave town.  Here for supper.  In the morning, a rental moving truck had been brought from Saskatoon.  Now, we provided a meal on their last night here.  Friends would meet with them tomorrow to load.  And new friends would become a part of their lives in a new part of the world tomorrow.

Someone has said that when you know six people in an extended network, you know the world.  I guess I’m halfway there! 

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