Back again

Well, Waskesiu was still there (for the 17 hours we spent there!).

We arrived to beautiful, clear skies.  A walk on the causeway (such a great name for about 50 meters of cement jutting into the lake), and a chat with our daughter.  It’s all good.

Next morning was overcast and rain.  Dismal and dreary.  Most of the weekend retreaters were gone from Waskesiu by noon.  We were gone at 1:00 after lunch with our daughter.

On the way home I was thinking about all the people I have worked with over the years.  A big picture idea popped into my head.  My wife poked a few holes in the bubble.  I’ll see if I can’t patch it up and let you know what the balloon would actually look like!


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  1. In thinking about all the people I have had contact with in my life it ocurred to me that we look at people quite differently than we used to.People were just people,not thin or fat tall or short,beautiful or not they were physically what they were,just how they were supposed to be .Character was what counted and there we were measured with the yardstick of what the bible said we were to be like,even those that did not acknowledge God knew that.Isn’t it sad we lost the yardstick and so forget they need the Lord?.

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