An hour's walk – insurance and free rentals!

The weather has been above zero degrees Celsius.

So what better thing than in the late afternoon to head downtown.  We are within two blocks of the main street – the air was crisp but not chilly.  After the added pounds of Christmas a walk is always good!

At the post office a discussion is overheard about insurance coverage.  One party has received a payment for basement repairs.  Another did not qualify although their circumstances were basically the same.  One small lie and the repairs could have been paid by insurance.  In our day and age, I’m always surprised at how many do not lie – and sometimes at how many do!!

As we wandered past our local “Movie Gallery” the sign says, “free weekend rental” – one per day.  We ventured in and were informed that this was indeed true.  The interesting thing is that the clerk had memorized the spiel.  It was more fun listening to her rhyme it off, than actually finding out we could get a free rental. 

I almost feel like returning, just to torment her!    “Can I really get a free rental?”

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