Bunny Trails

Two days ago we saw the Bunny!!

When it snowed back in the fall (imagine, I can even remember back that far!) we saw pawprints.

Two big, then two small, hopped over by two big, then two small paws.  Our imaginations started creating images of what this creature was.  I knew it wasn’t dappled, like one Josiah saw!  He had to be big, tall, a hare of some sort.

Then we saw him.  Out the window of the back door.  I rushed to get my camera but was too late.  He’s too fast for me. 

He’s here!  But where is he?

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  1. have to let you in to a secret Ron…the rabbit Josiah saw was actually in our kitchen!!! it’s our family pet and we love him to bits..his name is Speckle, or Mr. Rabbit, or Killer or the favorite one is Radar! anyway, hope you get to see bugs bunny soon! if he is white, he is seen around town fairly often.. happy hunting


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