On Wednesday night I almost won!!

Well, not really me!  I had helped a seven year old put together a model racing car.  We started with a block of wood.  Then we shaped, sanded, painted, detailed, glued, set the wheels, weighted the car and generally raced it along the floor to be sure it worked.

Then the big night came. 

Dagen and I were hoping for a good finish — at least 7th or so.  In the initial run the car placed first.  And for the next three runs the same finish.  Soon the other kids were cheering him on with “Dagen, Dagen, Dagen.”  The fifth run the car bounced and placed last.  The other three runs we hit first place again.

When the scores were tallied we placed second! 


OK, so its not really we!  Dagen got second, and I got honorable mention – next year the other fathers will be out to beat me!!