200 kilometers and a way to go!

Saturday we headed into Saskatoon to pick up our son.

Tim had travelled to Vegas to take in the Cirque de Soliel.  He would like to work for them in the future.  His resume has the stipulated requirements, now he’s just waiting to see whether they will accept his application. 

The Cirque shows were stunning.  The production superb.  Even Tim, a theatre techie, was wowed!!

We brought him back to Kindersley yesterday.

So, I’ve been thinking, can Kindersley measure up to a Vegas?  Obviously we’re not as large.  Nor do we have extensive tourist attractions. But, Saturday we experienced one of our claims to fame!

The Amati String quartet out of the University of Saskatchewan! 

OK, the connections is a little indirect!  The Amati string instruments (created in the 1600’s) were acquired by a farmer, Stephen Kolbinson, who lived just outside of Kindersley.  My father went to school with his son.

Saturday night the Amatis were on view.  The instruments are priceless.    And here they were, In Kindersley!

The two violins, a viola and a cello resonated with equisite tones.  Many from our community had come to fill our local arts centre.  A number of the Kolbinson family relatives were there to hear Hayden, Beethoven and Tschaikovsky.

The concert was satisfying (we bought tickets as Valentine’s Day presents).  The instruments were aged to perfection, their tone mellow and soothing.  This was a slice of history played before our eyes!

Not to boast — Vegas has nothing on Kindersley!!

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