Rain falls from heaven

Today the rain fell.  All day. 

No yard work — although we had planned for the exercise.  Instead, Jill came in the house and announced the rain gauge showed one inch of rain.  2.5 centimeters for those in metric mode.

In some places an inch is a pittance.  Here it is a bucket full.  The farmers (those who have seeded) will be happy — even more happy if the sun shines soon and the seeds germinate.

Oh, talk about coming up — the mosquitos are on their way.  Saw some yesterday.  Today’s rain will encourage more.  A bloody nuisance.

Speaking of blood!  After much blood, sweat and mostly laugther the "almost final" version of the CD project "Testify" was burned today.  I’m having withdrawal already!  How’s this for a picture for the front of the CD.

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  1. hey guys!! LOVE THE PICTURE!!!! WOW…have to say, and I am biased…but Wayne, you are such a cutie pie!! can’t wait to hear the final cut of the cd!!! Way to go! 🙂

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