The life of Verhaeghe

In days of yore (a great way of saying you remember the old days!), there was a saying — "the life of Reilly." 

Now, I never did get a full explanation of what that was.  My sense as a child?  A lifestyle that was carefree, exuberant, and unfettered.  The end result?  Chaos and mayhem.  Reilly’s utopia ended in "hell."

Then, there is the other approach.  Gordon has gotten himself into various pickles (meaning he can be a bit vinegary at times).  At the same time, there is a true heart of compassion.  Sometimes the balance has been hard to maintain.

But, perhaps the test of relationships comes to days like this past week.  Gordon had a mild heart attack.  He is in for testing.  His hospital room has seen various visitors.  Today, while in Saskatoon, we went to visit him.  The hospital room at the Royal University Hospital was the regular size.  While we were there, no less than eight others were there as well — and that’s not including Gordon.

Therein lies a secret — a secret greater than "The Secret" currently being promoted in bookstores and on Oprah.  That DVD/book is based on selfishness and positive thinking.  "The life of Verhaeghe",  in many ways the opposite and checkered as that life may be, still reaps true friendship.  Not a bad reward!

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