Tuesday on my mind!

The heart of the matter is . . . this Tuesday I’ll visit a man who is headed into heart surgery (provided we arrive prior to the surgical preparation time – unknown exactly when as of yet).  In the same hospital in Saskatoon my wife will have an appointment with a cardiologist.  I’m not sure what will come of each separate incident. 

This does remind me that life is not of our own making.  We can wish, we can plan, we can even plead, but in the end life is a gift.  And God gives and He takes away.  In His time — which is far more far sighted than I will ever be.  Nevertheless, God also asks that we ask.  For our heart’s desires.  Not those things which are competely out of line with who God is and what he stands for.  But rather for those things that concern us.

I’ve got a number of things I’m talking to God about, but here are two things that are high on the priority list!  And, let me be honest about how I am praying.  I wish for long life for my wife.  For my friend I desire a life that is active.

May God grant my requests! 

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