Some 24 hour periods are packed.  With friends, fun and fellowhip!

Lois and Steve Gustafson are friends of over three decades.  Lois was a bridesmaid at our wedding.  We all went to undergraduate school together.

On their way back to Canby, Oregon, they stopped in Calgary.  We were invited to join them for an evening.  They provided accomodation (as it happened it was a suite at the Hilton by the airport), a great meal or two, and company that encourages and refreshes.

Well, as expected, Jill and Lois were a constant flow of information and updating (an nice way to say they didn’t stop talking all the time they were together).  Steve and I added our thoughts every once in a while.  The time was great — we ate, walked, talked — and then took a look at the construction site of Ambrose University College in Calgary (sponsored in part by our denomination – the Christian and Missionary Alliance).

Jill remarked that our summer has been inserted with surprises.  We have these short times packed with unexpected blessings.  In the past month we have seen our daughter and visited with friends from Canby — both trips that were not planned until a week or so before they happened.

Now, you have to understand that my life has been one of planning.  I have been employed as an administrator for almost half of my working career.  And now — I’m open to flying by the seat of my pants!  Years ago my boss, Dave Hartzfeld, impressed on me the need to be open to the unexpected.  I wasn’t quite ready to hear this advice at the time.  In fact, I’m not even sure the lesson has started to sink in until lately.

God is good!  Somehow in a year where our vacation was going to be minimal , we are benefitting from short insertions of holy days.  Periods of time God set aside for us without us even knowing!!