So, I’m sitting in the front room.  Feet almost up, dog on the perch surveying the street, and breakfast just done.  In hand is the 2008 version of the Almanac for farmers and city folk.  Used to be called the farmers almanac.  85% accurate weather forecast rate.  I still like to check to see how close to the weather outside they are.  Not sure if they use bird entrails to forecast, or if they have moved hi-tech!

Always a few good stories — like the fellow who sued a hospital that had told him he would die of pancreatic cancer in a year’s time.  So he sold all he had, partied and came back in a year’s time to find out that he had non-terminal pancreatic cancer.  Since he was now broke, he decided to sue the hospital.  What ever happened to common sense?

Pick up a copy.  They are not expensive.  Or go visit relatives who have a copy!!