I’ve returned to a number of old friends these last few weeks.  Not that I sought them, but they have come to my attention and dialogue as I’ve updated people on my surgery and our activities.  Just today a friend from Grade 9/10 days (spent in Unionville, Ontario) emailed me – he’s thinking about knee surgery.

I’ve been going through the terms of time in my life.  Friends have died and their memories sting my complacent life.  Others have affected a corner of their own globe — a local place where they have brought God’s light to bear and nothing more is needed to create a legacy.  Others still struggle with life, and not light, issues.  Church consultants, housewives, denominational leaders, musicians — all walks of life.

If I could change the world, would it be to be famous, or to be powerful, or even to hear at my funeral the eulogy reflecting on my greatness? 


As I’ve thought this last while — I’m inclined to want to change the world because God knows there is a change that is needed.  And so in my life cycle right now (as at other imes with greater and lesser surges) I ask that question — "In my sphere, where is change needed for God’s sake?"  And then a second question — "God, for your sake, what is my role in this change?"