Sitting and weeping

Not often I get emotional.  Surgery has pushed me.  There’s something there that makes your resources thin.  Not a bad thing.  Just the way it is.

Today, I had a good sleep.  My exercises all got done.  I’m sore but I can see things moving along.

So, I was surprised when I put on a CD (sorry, I haven’t got an MP3 player yet!!).  We have Avalon’s Faith, a hymn collection.  The final song is somewhat American (the final song is a tribute to men and women in American uniform).  The rest are fairly standard songs in contemporary yet traditional format.

A year ago I heard the song, "Total Praise".  It struck me then!  Good melody, great bass line (for a bassist, always important!), great lyrics. 

"You are the source of my strength, you are the strength of my life." 

Today I turned up the CD player, and listened (this is a paraphrase of Psalm 121).  After weeks of recovery, of ups and downs, I just needed to be reminded.  A struggling friend has changed a 55 year church affiliation, another has come  through a cancer scare, I’m sitting here with no "job" to distinguish me while I recover.

And I sobbed!!  Really sobbed, from an inner fountain.

Sometimes God puts us where we feel sideswiped.  And we get totally disoriented.  Jesus seems to have walked up behind us, put his hands over our eyes and said "trust me." 

Well, I guess I’d rather be in those hands than in my own! 

  • Prayer:  Jesus, lift me up to what I cannot now see.  Show me your presence daily.  Plant my feet in your footsteps.

That’s where I am today!

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