As healing takes place, an uplift of spirit and voice happens.

Some of the notes still carry the pain of recovery.  I still do painful exercises everyday.  I don’t want the trophy of walking to turn into atrophy.  So you hear some discord.

Although the resolution of a minor chord to a major chord of rejoicing may take time, it’s worth it. 

Someone asked me if I would go through this same surgery, knowing what I had experienced.  I laughed and said, "NO."  But on reflection I had to say that I would. 

When we first start the song of healing some notes seem out of place, loud, and grating.  But the harmony comes, slowly at first, and then cascading in full chorus.

I’m in the middle of the song.  I’m looking for the day when I walk with no pain.  So some days the song needs a few more rests than usual.  But, somehow my sight slips down to the next measure and the next page and finally to the end stave.  And hope breeds excitement as the music builds.

Now, what should I title this piece?  "Life"??