Working back to full strength does take time.

I’ve been warned by grandparents, peers and the younger generation to take my time.  But I’m finding patience is not always my long suit.  I preached on Sunday and 3/4 of the way through ran out of steam.  Today I ventured to the office and did some hospital visitation.  That was about enough.

My afternoon rest stretched for around two hours.  And that was solid sleep.  And even as I write this, later in the evening, I’m yawning and ready to rest.

Most of our lives we are pushing to complete one more thing.  One more opportunity to complete the vision we may have.  I’m learning that vision and ability need strong doses of reality.  At least in the area of timelines!!

So, good night, good sleep, may God’s rest be yours.

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  1. hi!!

    My comment got misplaced, so I will try to repeat it. I just wanted to say that if we keep our primary thoughts on God and keep listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and acting accordingly, the usual becomes exciting and meaningful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could keep ourselves so absorbed in the Word that this could be an every day occurrence. Praise the Lord!!!



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